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“Received my Hugget jacket yesterday and it’s fabulous and what more it makes me feel fabulous too! It’s just so soft and cosy. Being a larger lady size 18-20 it’s sometimes difficult to find clothes you feel comfortable in that fit properly and don’t make you look or feel huge. Well the Hugget passes on all counts, don’t think it’ll be too long before my second purchase. Thank you Hugget xx” – Eliza, Alfreton

“Just received my Hugget and soooo pleased with it.  So versatile and a brilliant idea.  Also very warm on my walk in the cold and wind.  Really look forward to ordering another one soon.  Hopefully the pink one will be back in my size very soon.  Many thanks.” – Joanna, Herefordshire

“I treated myself for my birthday and bought the reversible Hugget in Brown and Cream. When I wear it I feel really stylist but also comfy and cozy and I have received many compliments. I’m so happy that the weather has decided to cool as I was rather warm in my snuggly coat. So I guess my only option would to purchase another one. Not a tough decision!!!!!!” -Helen

“A lady came into the shop I manage in what I immediately thought was a fantastic looking coat/ jacket. I asked where it was from as I’d like one, she the took it off for me to try on and I have to say it just felt so soft and light on that I’ll definitely be making purchases in the very near future. Well done on your imaginative and innovative use of fleece material. I’ve never been a fan of fleeces but I am a fan of yours.’ -Eliza

“I bought my first Polka Dot Hugget Fleece a few months ago to wear whilst on holidays. We went on a cruise around the Norwegian Fjords and my fleece was perfect for cooler days and evenings on this holiday. It took up such little room in our suitcase also…..I had so many compliments about this fleece and have shared this website with many other interested ladies on the trip. I am now going to order another fleece in a different colour as the weight of these fleeces lend themselves to both spring, summer and autumn wear in many countries. Thank you Hugget…….Now please may we have some autumn colours like beiges, browns, cream and greens…….that would be perfect!” -Mary, Wolverhampton

“Just a quick line to say that I wore my hugget for the very first time today, I also had my very first compliment. I bought the wine version, it is so stylish, comfortable, lightweight, but most of all it is warm. Thank you.” -Debbie, Northumberland

“What a brilliant find, I have two so far and cannot stress how versatile they are best thing is that they also cover a multitude of sins making you look good at any time well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!” -Yvonne, Tamworth

“Ingenious design – it’s practical, versatile, stylish and elegant. It has that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes it stand out in the crowd. I love it, thank you!” -Marion, Hopedale

“You know when you go to the pub early evening and then it gets a bit cold?  Put on your Hugget and stay out longer!  I love my Hugget – easy and light to carry when you don’t need it, and wonderfully warm and snuggly when you do.  Must go – my round!” -Alison, Chiswick

“I wanted to write to tell you how much I ADORE my Hugget. Truly. It is one of those items of clothing you get and then can’t fathom how you lived without it; I think your design is genius; so warm and snug but stylish too, and the fit (without belt) meant Christmas excesses are nicely hidden . Love it. I have worn it a number of times already and each time I wear it people ask me where I got it from. I’m sure other people have the same experience. Anyway I’ve been singing its (and your) praises; I have no doubt you’re going to go from strength to strength with the business and I love what you’re doing with the brand too. Well done you!” -Laura, Swindon

“I have a Buddhist friend in London settling her flat and stuff before going on a 3 year retreat in Nepal. We were talking about clothes and she said she still hadn’t found a fleece that was warm (for the retreat) but ALSO made her feel great, not just sackcloth and ashes! ( She is gorgeous). I made her try on my Hugget and it was love at first sight and feel… So my Hugget is now en route to Nepal: I knew there was no way to get her one before she went next week. So it is my gift to her and I am buying another one for me! I adore my Hugget…just inspired. Look forward to a new one!!!” -Lois, London

“They are smart, cool, warm, sassy, cosy, colourful, flexible, flowing, practical, pockety, drapey, hoody, long skinny sleevy, fitted, loose, enveloping, compact, non creasing, packable, loveable and MINE (and I have two of them) xxx” -Sue, Ilam

“Just wanted to tell you that I am very pleased with my Hugget. It is rare to discover an item of clothing that is BOTH cosy AND practical, but the Hugget is IT! On a cold winter’s night, it is really great to snuggle up in on the sofa. It fits over most things, so you can just wrap up warm in it when popping outside or making a trip to the shops, and I have dressed mine up with a lovely corsage for a night out. In the summer, I wear it on those barbecue nights that eventually go cold but you don’t want to go indoors, and it really came into its own at a street party this year and an outdoor concert – fellow partygoers were looking on with envy! What a great design. Thank you.” -Cathy, Astonefield

“The first time a Hugget was described to me, I must admit I struggled to envisage how different it could be from yet another fleece jacket. How wrong I was! When I eventually saw a Hugget for real, and tried it on, I was sold on it immediately…it felt so soft and enveloping, but not bulky, and looked stylish too. I absolutely love wearing my Hugget, not only because it’s so comfortable, warm and lightweight, but also because people are always admiring it and ask where I got it from, because it is so unusual. Buy one…trust me, you will not regret it! Clever Katie …you deserve to do well with this.” -Nikki, Nottingham

“I saw Katie wearing her Hugget and I knew I had to have one for myself! I was so excited to receive the package in the post and couldn’t wait to wear it. So cosy and comfortable and looks great too. Not only is it great for these chilly winter nights but I also wore it as a quick cozy cover up during the spring and summer, so versatile! And I get so many compliments when I wear it. I wouldn’t be without mine.” -Claire, Manchester

“What can we say about the hugget… Lovett!!!! It’s so cosy and perfect for my travels/walks/everyday use, where I can just wrap myself up in it! I loved my black one so much I treated myself this winter to the ‘Hannah’ reversible. Best thing I’ve bought! I get so many remarks and compliments esp by my 8 year old niece who from Santa had one. We love putting our wellies on and feeling snug in our hugget when we take the dog out walking! Think the dog loves snuggles in it too….” -Kaylee, Ashbourne

“I love my Hugget! It is snuggly, warm and very versatile. It can be smart or can just be a wearable blanket on the sofa. I love to throw it on when the evenings get cold or when I need to spend a long time working on the computer. Yesterday I used it under a waterproof to nip round to the milk tank and collect myself a jug of milk. Ooh it did keep me warm in the fog and chilly rain!” -Alex, Ilam

“We love our Huggets! I have one, my Mother has one and my tiny baby and toddler daughters’ have one. They are perfect for looking smart but being practical, easy to clean and super warm – great for layering. For the children they are ideal for the car, warm without being bulky. For me, as a breastfeeding mother, it is brilliant as I can feed my baby in a public place and not have to take off my hugget because the great layers allow me to feed privatly and snugly. I wish I had got one when I was pregnant because it is much better than a maternity coat or cardy – you can use it for feeding post delivery and as a great jacket forever afterwards. Next time a friend falls pregnant I know what I will be getting her! A perfect pregnancy gift!” -Amy, Chester

“I LOVE my Hugget. I wear it ALL the time, not just because it so warm and cosy but because it is also so smart, even though it is a casual fleece jacket. Every time I wear it someone admires and asks about it. I love the neckline and the patch pockets. I haven’t had the opportunity to try washing it yet – what an admission! – because I am always wearing it! The sheep pattern baby Hugget is a huge success too and has gone to New Zealand! Keep going Katie.” -Rosie, Wirksworth

“I am really happy to say that, just based on an out-of-the-blue recommendation from a friend and from looking at the Hannah design on the website, I made a purchase on a whim. This lovely item absolutely lives up to my hopes of a stylish and ever-so-warm addition to my wardrobe and 10 days after hearing of Huggets, I am now a delighted owner of the charcoal/pale grey Hannah version. It is beautifully finished and the way the big collar/cowl is shaped is really elegant and stylish. I emailed Katie at once and said something I’d NEVER normally say – that “I hope the weather stays chilly for some time yet”, so that I can enjoy this super creation. I am sure people will ask me where this came from, so I’ll look forward to spreading the word. Thank you!” -Deborah, Dorking

“I finally received a Hugget for my birthday after months of subtle hints… And what can I say? A super addition to my wardrobe and for someone who doesn’t wear coats or jackets, it is perfect. Casual, smart, comfy, warm, light – but most of all versatile! A wonderful top layer to any outfit whether that is for work, leisure or an evening on the sofa – the Hugget has got it covered! My only problem is… I don’t have the whole collection! (yet)” -Alice, Coventry