hugcycle recycle fleece polyester hugget jacket

We are very environmentally conscious here at Hugget. We plant a tree for every Hugget jacket we sell. We use recycled materials for all of our marketing and packaging.

We never throw fleece away if we can help it. This is why we have developed a scheme for you to upcycle your Hugget jacket. When you feel you have got all the wear out of it that you can, and are ready for a fresh new one, please return the original to us. We will use the fabric for our upcycling projects and give you 20% off a brand new Hugget jacket!

While we have plans to develop lines using organic and sustainable fabrics, all of our Hugget jackets are currently made out of polyester fleece. This is not recyclable so we do our best to upcycle as much as we can. We collect a huge amount of scraps and cut offs that are left over when we make our jackets. The Mini Hugget jackets for children were developed because their smaller pattern pieces can be cut from the pieces left after cutting the adult jackets. This is also why we developed our Hugget earmuffs and Muggets.

The much smaller scraps we have used for all sorts of craft projects. Polyester fleece is of course very warm so the scraps are perfect for using as stuffing and insulation in things like draught excluders, cushions, quilted blankets and rag rugs.

While we try to use as much of the leftover fleece as we can with our own projects there is always plenty to spare. If you would like any for your own use please get in touch. We will give it for free, we just ask you to cover the postage charge. If you run a craft group or a school club and would like a large amount, please ask, we will give you all we can!

If you are interested in having some fleece fabric scraps, or are ready to swap in your old Hugget jacket for a new one, please fill in the form below. Thank you!