Name: Lulu

Age: 26

What made you want to go into make-up? I am a massive cosmetics hoarder and have always been interested in all areas of make-up, in particular film and editorial make-up.

Where did you study? North West Media Make-up School

What type of shoots do you work on? I’ve done lots of film work but more recently have worked on fashion/editorial shoots.

Which brands of Make-up do you like to use? My kit is full of a variety of different brands! I’m loving Illamasqua make-up at the moment, they’re great quality products and you can be really creative with them. Urban Decay eye make-up is amazing, and Mac do some great matte lipsticks which are really on trend.

What direction would you like your career to take in the future? I just want to keep working on as many projects as possible and push myself to become more creative with my work. I love working on films, there is something very exciting about being part of the crew and helping to achieve the director’s vision.

Why did you want to work on the Hugget shoots? I’ve know Katie since primary school and am so proud of what she’s doing, it’s a privilege to be a part of the Hugget family! It was a great experience for me as I have never worked on a product shoot.

Which is your favourite Hugget jacket? Soo many!! Blue polkadot or the tartan Hugget :)

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