Kaylee was our first Hugget model and worked with us on 2 shoots. Sadly she has now moved to Australia but she is still very much part of the Hugget family and is hopefully spreading the word of Hugget down under!

Name: Kaylee

Age: 26

Occupation: Junior Chef

Have you done any modelling before? Once back in my school days for a friend who was training for Wella hair. I had it all cut off, one side longer than the other and orange! I always said never again until Hugget came along! Seemed a sensible offer as it didn’t involve scissors!!!!!

How did you hear of Hugget? Through my cousin Jo Jo (Katie’s neighbour!) I was going through a tough time in my life and Jo was always a good pick me up so one day she rung to explain that her neighbour designs beautiful fleeces and she needs models, would I be interested? I was nervous because I knew who I was up against! I met Katie not long after and I fell in love with the Hugget straight away! (And Katie! She made me feel very relaxed as we both didn’t know what to do!!!!)

Why did you choose to become a Hugget model? Jo Jo sold it to me and I wanted to help someone in need. It was exciting and something new to look forward to. I also love Alstonfield, the place of shooting!

Which is your favourite Hugget jacket? HANNAH reversible!!! The first shoot I fell in love with the Classic Black so I treated myself.. loved it and then the second shoot came with more!!!!! I could not choose between the checked print (where else would you find that style/print!) Or the reversible.. I’m glad I made this decision it has been the best thing I’ve bought and I’m even coming home to pick it up and bring it back to my Aussy home with me ready for winter! Snuggle time!!

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