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Name: Harriet

Age: 18

Occupation: Beauty Therapy student at Buxton College

Have you done any modelling before? I have modelled for the vintage costume museum in Alstonefield several times, modelling clothes from 1860-1960

How did you hear of Hugget? From our vicar Annie, she loves them!

Which is your favourite Hugget jacket? The Classic Stone [...]

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Name: Kasia

Age: 31

Occupation: Mum of two cheeky boys: Maxwell and Hugo, part time shop assistant and teaching assistant

Have you done any modelling before? I did some modelling for a photographer friend of mine for her photography workshop

How did you hear about Hugget? A colleague of mine knows Hugget’s previous model and mentioned the brand to [...]

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Name: Amy

Age: 32

Do you have children? Yes, I have a boy nearly two and a girl six months

Have you done any modelling before? No

How did you hear of Hugget? Facebook

Why did you want to become a Hugget model? I love the Hugget jacket and felt I could represent the brand

Which is [...]

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Name: Isabella Wilson

Age: 8

What school do you go to? Fitzherbert Primary School, Fenny Bentley

What do you want to be when you grow up? A vet

Why do you like Hugget jackets? Because they are warm and cosy

Which is your favourite Hugget jacket? The pink horse one

What is your favourite thing to [...]

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This late entry from Vicky brought her a landslide victory, the judges unable to ignore the sheep inside her sheep print Hugget jacket!   Send us a Hug Shot of you in your Hugget jacket and next month you could be the lucky winner of a 10% Hugget discount voucher, a surprise gift and...

Derbyshire Life

Hugget feature in Derbyshire Life, March 2014:

“Twenty-five-year-old Katie Lane was born in Cambridge but her family returned to Nepal where her father worked for Water Aid. When Katie was three the family moved to Alstonefield. When in 2000 the family moved to Malawi because of her mother’s job with Save the Children, they kept their Derbyshire home. Katie finished [...]

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